About Us
Exlpore & Savor Korean Flavors.

At Oz Chicken & Korean Bistro, we are confident that there is something on our menu for everyone to enjoy. We are also very happy to say our signature chicken is gluten free and safe to eat for those who are sensitive to gluten. In addition, we use absolutely no peanuts in our recipes, so those with a peanut allergy can enjoy our complete menu!


Since opening our restaurant, we have heard from countless patrons how much they enjoy the way we combine exquisite Korean cuisine with familiar comfort food flavours. We are extremely pleased to see how our combination of Korean inspired comfort food has become so popular here in Coquitlam!


Great food is our true passion here at Oz Chicken & Korean Bistro. No matter when you choose to dine in with us or take out, you can always expect fantastic flavours and amazing Korean chicken! Contact us to book a table at our lovely loft restaurant located in the heart of Coquitlam, or give us a call to place a take out order today!